Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Kville Scrap will be closed Dec 25- Jan 5th.

Re Opening on Jan 6th 10AM.

Enjoy, and may Christ reign in your hearts and minds this coming year.

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Kville Celebrates Christmas in the Country

Kelseyville Scrap Metal Company is entering into its 9th month of operation and would like to thank the community for its continued support as we strive together to clean up lake county 1lb at a time.

Bring in your old appliances, computers, lead batteries, car parts, or any item that metal on it or in it.

What a great year 2013 has been and we look forward to serving the recycling needs of Kelseyville and the greater Lake County region for many years to come.

We have been asked about receiving bottle beverages as part of the CalRecycle can and bottle recycling program.

Kelseyville Scrap is partnering with another local business to do just that. In 2014 we will be a full service recycling facility registered with the state of California.

We will pay the highest prices in Lake County for Aluminum Cans, guaranteed.

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What is a Commercial Account?

What is a commercial Scrap Metal Account with Kville Scrap?

First of all, we encourage all Lake County businesses to support our local business, keeping the money in town is paramount to the Lake County business economy.

Kville Scrap will offer the highest prices to business under contract, ensuring a regular supply of metals is a valuable asset to Kville Scrap and a premium will be paid.

Commercial accounts receive priority processing attention and faster cash payouts and do not have to wait the 3 days for payment like public walk in customers.

Commercial accounts can have a bin placed at their business making it easier and safer for Kville Scrap employees to retrieve metals during pick up times so as to not disturb/distract your employees. Plus a nice convenient place to store your metals in between pick ups.

Kville Scrap has heard it time and again that random drive by recyclers are not paying fair prices and often times take items not set aside for recycling.  They can be dishonest and outright rude to your customers.

Kville Scrap Metals is the only full service metal recycling business that is not focused on your picking up your trash, instead we are focused on paying the highest price for your scrap metals. There is a major difference between the two types of companies.

Kville Scrap ensures that each account is dealt with using fair business practices and with our home town pride of ownership. Yes, we will be supporting local athletics, home town parades, the downtown association in Kelseyville etc.

Kville Scrap will supply each of its commercial accounts with weekly and monthly volume reporting ensuring that your company is receiving the highest possible return on your metals.

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Opening March 02

KSM is scheduled to open March 02, 2013 to the public at 10AM.

Paying cash for all scrap metals.

Not accepting Bottle Beverage Containers at this time.

Sign up early for one of our limited commercial accounts where we come and pick up your scrap weekly.

More to come…

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